The story of Die Skeerhok

The story of Die Skeerhok began 17 years ago with Bt, Johan, their two sons, and two wild fig trees. With the romantic Countryside as the backdrop, Johan planted one seed where their organic butchery would one day be built, and the other where Die skeerhok would one day stand – and that day has arrived.

We welcome you to explore and indulge in the flavours of our dishes, bread, pastries and cakes of our Farm Country Restaurant, which strives to honour farmers and local artisans without whose knowledge and craftsmanship Die Skeerhok would not be possible.

Rustic Flavour

If you’re after Rustic flavour with Vintage charm and the romantic feeling of the countryside, Die Skeerhok will offer you this and so much more. Located along the N2, only a few kilometres out of Heidelberg, Die Skeerhok is a unique venue eclectically decorated with charming vintage furniture, lights, chandeliers, and exquisite wall art by Tom Roberts “Shearing the rams”.

Built in a style reminiscent of the forgotten wool industry from the turn of the century – Die Skeerhok is a beautiful vintage rustic restaurant that has been created to cater to breakfasts, lunches, dinners, wedding ceremonies or smaller functions.

Escape from The City

Keeping the country look and authentic feel of its heritage, Die Skeerhok is a true expression of traditional, yet pioneering architecture designed to stir up the forgotten tradition of yesteryear – and it doesn’t disappoint.

Offering plenty of seating, a lounge that could be used as a stage, and a space that could be used as a dance floor, and if that’s not enough, Die Skeerhok also has a fully furnished outside terrace that looks across the landscape, where sundown and nighttime sees a big sky splashed with incredible colours and stars. It’s a total escape from the city hum-drum, and one I would highly recommend if you get the chance.

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